Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ Photo & Scripture of the Day-- 3/365 }

Hey guys. 
Today wasn't too eventful for me so this will be quite a short post. 
I babysat 2 boys today while their parents were at work (they don't go back to school until tomorrow) and the day consisted of cartoons, frozen fish sticks, legos, and rowdiness. I babysat them Tuesday-Friday of last week too. I was glad to have a little side job for the week.
After my 9 1/2 hour day with the boys, T & his friend Jackson & I took a little mini road trip to Brewton, AL (about and hour & a half from here) to look at a drum set they want to purchase for our upcoming youth band. The couple selling the drum was very nice and we have a good feeling that it will be the drum set we purchase. 
That leads me to my photo of the day...

The boys talkin' away on our trip to Brewton, AL
When we got home, T & I spent time in our Word. I have really enjoyed this time with him & the Lord these past couple of days. He is such a great spiritual leader already, makes me feel blessed that he's the one the Lord gave me! 
Instead of reading together one specific book, we read separate while being together. He is reading Romans and I'm reading John. It's blessed my heart so much already and my scripture for today is one that caught my eye during my reading...

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it" John 1:5

It's simple but so beautiful to me! It's a reminder that God's light could not be seen if there weren't darkness in this world, He created the darkness for His light to be shown and it also gives me hope that Satan will never win!

Hope y'all have had a wonderful day. 


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