Thursday, December 22, 2011

All about me & my life :)

I'm 19 years old - I was raised in a loving christian home with my parents & younger brother. My dad is a pastor & has been since I was 12 or so. We grew up with lots of family traditions during the holidays and birthdays have always been a 'big-deal' in our home!
I am blessed to have grown up with so much love and great guidance! 
Mom is a great photographer- she's not a 'pro' but she definitely has the ability to be! 
She's building her portfolio & hopefully starting a business in the future :)
You can check out her blog here

I recently graduated from dental assisting school and in the process of finding my first job in the dental field. I am very excited to begin my career and even more excited to grow in experience.
 I'm quite nervous to be a new assistant without any experience but trying to stay positive :)

I love:
 my Savior
my iPhone
animals (dogs preferably)
lazy days
 fingernail polish (I paint my nails every chance I get)
mountain dew
great talks with my bff Rach
Alabama Football

& this amazing guy

Meet my wonderful fiance! :)

He's 19
Part-time worship pastor
Steelers fan
He's a kid in a big boy's body (but what guy isn't?!) ;)

He loves:
His church family
Fried Chicken

We're from Pensacola, FL and currently planning our April wedding.
We are very excited to start our life together
& can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us

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