Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2011

Hey y'all! With 2012 quickly approaching and 2011 being over soon I've been reliving some of the memories and pictures and wanted to share a few.

First...just a few BIG moments and extra special memories from this year:
-Thaddeus proposed and we began planning our April wedding
-Traveled to Ecuador for a mission trip with our church. 
We lived in the jungle in straw huts & bathed in the river for a week 
and shared the love of Jesus with the people there. 
It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back! :)
-Graduated from Dental Assisting school
-Met Casting Crowns and attended their concert! 
VERY exciting for Thaddeus & I because they're our favorite worship band! 
-Thaddeus started leading worship 
& officially became the worship pastor on staff
-My last Christmas 'at home'. 
This may not be a big deal to most people, 
but knowing that next year I won't be waking up with Jordan 
at 5am & spending Christmas morning with my family is kinda scary. 
Can't wait for Thaddeus and I to start our own Christmas traditions though


And now for the's quite a load. 
They aren't in any particular order
Enjoy :)

Hands-on at school
Hands-on learning x-ray techniques at school

19th Birthday

Rach and I at a church block party

Family at Easter

Brother/Sister time

T and I on Easter

Mama & her babies on Mother's Day

All of us at school

Pool Time

T and his buddies leading in song

One of the only recent pictures I have of Nana

J and I with some of the beautiful kids in Ecuador

Ladies' hut
(which we shared with rats and bats)

Worship time in Ecuador

Mom & Dad sharing the Word to kids at school

Loving on kids in Ecuador

Sweet girls in Ecuador

T & Jackson with their buddies in Ecuador 
BFF time

Celebrating Mom's birthday 

Bangs! :)

Seminar completed & externship bound
Tobi enjoying some sun
Do any of your pups do this?

After his Upper GI...isn't he precious!?

The proposal
Sorry for the bad quality...
wish the picture could show how beautiful it really as

Recently engaged

During our engagement session right after the proposal
I don't think you could've wiped the smiles off our faces if you tried! :)
Mrs. Brown is the grandmother to the dentist I worked for on my externship.
We celebrated her 101st Birthday with her! It was such an honor to be there!

First day of Fall with the family
Gotta love Florida weather :)

Seashell pickin' with the family on the first day of Fall 
Feedin' the birds on the first day of Fall
(excuse the half-nakedness)

Snuggle time with T

One of the many date nights with my guy

Beautiful sky in Cantonment, FL

Blue Angels Homecoming Show with Mom & J

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns
Acoustic Session

Meeting Casting Crowns
Ahhhh :)

Babysitting these precious babies has been so fun for Rach and I 

Scanning for our bridal registry :) 

One of our many 'lesbian' date nights.
Every time we go to dinner we're always at a table with couples
& joke that we're on a date too! ;) 

Family Christmas Picture
Last one without T :)

Newest addition to the Jones family...Sweet baby Ayden

T put the star on our tree this year
We'll break him from being a Scrooge soon enough :)

Dinner party with Rach

Bonfire and worship with the youth

One of my favorite Christmas presents
Can't wait to use it!

(sorry for the random order)
Hope you enjoyed all my memories of 2011! :)



  1. Wow you had the most amazing year! The picture of the proposal in the church is wonderful! I love the hazy quality of it... it's going to make for one amazing keepsake!

    Love & lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  2. Looks like you had an awesome year!! Ya'll look so happy!

  3. It looks like you had an incredible year! It's awesome you did a mission trip- I hope to do one, two, three, four, etc ;) in the future myself! I am going into a dental assisting program in May. How did you like it?! I loved all the pics esp the proposal one! So sweet. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!