Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Day Challenge -- Day 5

:: 6 Places I would like to go ::

1. Japan, My Nana was born in Okinawa & lived there until she was 21. She is 61 now and has never been back to her home country. She never taught any of us the language or anything about the culture but as a family we always talk about taking a big trip to visit. 
2. Thailand. Thaddeus' Dad is Thai and his uncle and family are missionaries there. We both want to go visit the family and do some kind of mission work with his aunt and uncle soon!
3. Hawaii. Who doesn't wanna see Hawaii?! I'm a beach lover and I've seen how beautiful it is there through pictures! 
4. California. Preferably San Diego. I always love pictures I see of California and would love to visit the beach there! 
5. The Bahamas. I love the beach, if you can't tell! ;)
From what I have seen in pictures, they have the most beautiful water! And I always see people relaxing on the beach or in some beautiful resort-which I am all for!! :)
6. The Mountains (in the Winter time). Thaddeus and I will be staying in a cozy little cabin in Tennessee for our honeymoon & we are SO excited! But it will be during Spring & I've always wanted to see snow (never seen it) & how beautiful it is during Christmas time :)

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