Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Day Challenge -- Day 6

:: 5 foods ::

1. Mexican. Ask anyone that is around me often-I eat tacos like once a week! 
They were the first thing i learned how to cook (I know, I know-not much "cooking") & it's about the only thing I can cook without a recipe, so I sure am glad Thaddeus likes my tacos :)
2. Cane's. If you don't live in Louisiana, Mississippi or Mobile, AL you probably have never eaten Cane's Chicken Fingers. But trust me if you ever come upon one, get some chicken!!! They have a special sauce that comes with the chicken that is to die for
I'm so sad we don't have one here in Pensacola!!
3. KFC, chicken tenders with mashed potatoes & a Pepsi-to be exact :)
4. Panera Bread's Potato Soup We now have a drive-thru restaurant 
here in Pensacola which is not good for me at all! ;)
5. Japanese Hibachi, it's in my blood to love it! :)

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