Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Day Challenge -- Day 4

:: 7 Wants ::

1. A puppy Thaddeus and I both love dogs and can't wait to have our own little fur-baby(s)
2. A new wardrobe. What girl doesn't want new clothes ;)
3. My own camera, a Canon, to be exact. I use my mom's Canon Rebel when I need a better camera than my iPhone but I want a camera of my own. I love that the new Canon's take amazing pictures and videos & would love to have better quality pics and vids than my iPhone takes
4. A new car. I'm still driving my first car, a 2004 Saturn Ion. It runs and isn't the worst car in the world but I would love to be driving a newer car :)
5. Alabama's 14th National Title ;) ROLL TIDE ROLL 
6. A happy wedding day, I know someone that was miserable on her wedding day because she was so worried about things being 'perfect' and (being the perfectionist I am) I'm worried that I will do the same. But I'm starting to prepare myself now and remind myself that the day will not be 'perfect' and not everything will go like I plan but it will be the happiest day of my life and a great time to celebrate the commitment and vows Thaddeus and I will be making :) <3
7. A JOB! I've technically been jobless since the last week of July...but August-1st week of November I worked full-time in a dental office as an extern student to complete my dental assistant schooling. I am graduated now though and looking for a position as a dental assistant but have not found that 'right' office to work at. Thaddeus has been wonderful in taking care of me during these past 5 months but it gets stressful just living on one income and knowing that we have an upcoming wedding and house (with bills) to pay for. We know it's all in God's timing though and trust that He will provide. 

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