Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 Day Challenge -- Day 3

:: 8 Fears ::

1. Roaches It's more like a phobia. But I am DEATHLY afraid of them touching me! 
2. Something happening to Thaddeus or my family. My Nana had a heart attack over 2 years ago and it was enough to scare me and realize that I would lose it if something more tragic ever happened to her or anyone I love!
3. Being alone. Kind of goes with the last one. And I also don't like being alone because I'm scared of someone "getting me"--which leads me to my next one...
4. Someone "getting me" I watch too much CSI & Criminal Minds and they have definitely scared me of the creeps in this world!
5. Being told I can't have babies I don't know that this will ever happen to me (I don't have any medical conditions that say I will ever have trouble) but I would be CRUSHED if it did happen! I'm definitely not against adoption but I can't wait to be a mommy to my own! :)
6. Rollercoasters I HATE THEM! I even freak out when I'm parking (or in a car parking) up a hill. I just hate the feeling of falling-backward or forward
7. The Paranormal Activity Movies I've seen 1& 2 and I WILL NOT see the 3rd. Most people think they're just dumb but for me they're so demonic and evil! 
8. Dark water I hate not being able to see what's underneath me! 

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