Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Day Challenge -- Day 1

Since you guys don't know much about me, I'll share 10 'things' about myself instead of 'secrets'

1. I have been raised by a wonderful Godly family & attended church all my life
2. My dad became a pastor when I was 14
3. My mom is a photographer by hobby but she has the talent to be a pro. We all are slowly talking her into starting her own business ;)
(you can check out her photography blog by clicking the tab at the top of my page)
4. I have an 11 year old brother named Jordan. He's already a little stud & just the thought of him dating soon drives me crazy! I'm glad girls are just 'friends' for now :)
5. Our family pet is a spoiled rotten miniature dachsund named Tobi
6. I lived in Louisiana for 3 years. 1 year was spent in New Orleans & the other 2 years were spent in a little town called Pearl River. 
7. I recently completed my education to become a Dental Assistant & I am currently unemployed and looking for my first position in my new career.
8. I am OCD about grammar. Their, They're & There are totally different!! ;)
9. I currently live with my Nana & my fiance lives with my parents. Crazy weird, I know.
10. I'm SUPER excited to be a wife & even more excited to marry my wonderful fiance!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! The whole "they're their there" thing really gets me. Along with "too, two, to" AH! I can't even deal :)